Category definition for Positions (1)
PhD in Phylogenetic Inference of Pneumococcal Transmission (1)
PhD position: HPC for Phylogenetics (1)
Postdoctoral position to learn about antibody development during HIV superinfection (1)
Postdoc position - joint between Chindelevitch and Bouchard labs (1)
PhD scholarship with Semple/Steel on phylo-networks (1)
Postdocs in theoretical population genetics at the University of Chicago (1)
Computational postdoc in immunology & evolution at the University of Chicago (1)
Cancer Evolution: Postdoc position in Cambridge, UK (1)
Postdoc position in statistical phylogenetics/data analysis (1)
Evolutionary Genomics Postdoc in Budapest (1)
Postdoctoral position in computational epidemiology, Simon Fraser University (1)
Ph.D. scholarship on niche modelling with David Bryant, NZ (1)
Postdoc position "Evolutionary biology of cancer" in Cambridge UK (1)
Postdoctoral position to develop next-generation Bayesian phylogenetic methods (1)
2 PhD positions in Stamatakis lab (1)
Postdoc in phylogenetics of the immune system (2)
Position at Imperial College London to incorporate new phylodynamic models into BEAST (1)
Mahan Postdoctoral Fellowship at Fred Hutch (1)
Postdoc: insect systematics and biodiversity informatics (1)
Postdoc: help design next HIV vaccine trials using molecular evolution (1)