Conferences on Computational Phylogeny in 2017?


Hi all, I am doing my PhD in the Computational Phylogeny. My main focus area is Construction of the Phylogenetic trees considering the events like HGT, ILS, Duplication and loss etc. I am a new member in this field. So, would you please help me by informing the list of suitable conferences will be held in the year 2017.

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Hi Aritra,

There is one in the USA in the Summer which is top notch. It will cover all aspects of molecular evolution including phylogeny (both maximum likelihood and Bayesian approaches). You can find the details here:

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The [Virus Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution Workshop] ( is very good.


Thank you very much Conor.


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Algebraic and combinatorial phylogenetics, Barcelona, 26-30 June


Thank you very much Marta Casanellas