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Description of the MrBayes parsimony-based proposals


In the paper describing MrBayes 3.2, there is the following phrase:

MrBayes 3.2 further includes a completely new type of tree proposal that is guided using parsimony scores. The details of the parsimony-biased proposals will be presented elsewhere; however, tentative empirical results show that they can improve the speed of convergence by an order of magnitude on some problems (see also Höhna and Drummond 2012).

Can someone point me to this paper? I’d like to read about them! (@Alexis_RAxML, I’m assuming that you learned about then from just reading the MB source?)


I just emailed Fredrik Ronquist, who had this to say:

We are still working on this paper and it is only in very early stages. Hopefully we will be able to make the final push on this during the summer and submit the paper in the early fall.