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Mahan Postdoctoral Fellowship at Fred Hutch


Come do an independent postdoc collaborating with @trvrb, me, or another computational biologist at the Fred Hutch.

##Mahan Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Computational Biology Program of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington invites applications for the 2-year Mahan Postdoctoral fellowship. The fellowship will provide an exceptional individual with an early start on their career as an independent scientist by providing two years of salary and other support to complete their proposed research project in the laboratory of a Fred Hutch Computational Biologist mentor who is at the assistant or associate rank.

Faculty of any discipline or rank from the Fred Hutch, UW, or any other institute may be proposed as co-mentors. The fellowship must begin in the lab of the primary Fred Hutch mentor but it may move to another location as long as it benefits the science or career growth opportunities. The project must be focused on learning about biology, must involve a computational or mathematical component, and may include an experimental component. A laboratory trained scientist may satisfy the computational and mathematical requirement by including a training component in their proposal. Computationally strong candidates may include a laboratory training component as well. The research direction should reflect the interests and ideas of the applicant, although the final research proposal may be jointly designed; see below for more detail on fellowship rules and for a list of potential mentors.

See official announcement for more details, and get in touch if you are interested.