TreeBase legacy IDs


Dear babblers,

Does anyone know how to search treebase for legacy matrix IDs? I’m trying to get some data sets from older [read 2012] papers but the records have changed and I can’t search for the original (legacy) matrix ID.




What happens when you try to search on the old matrix IDs. I’m pretty sure they have been retained somehow so they might just come up. Alternatively, do you have the study IDs that the matrices belonged to? The GUI indicates that you can certainly search on legacy study IDs.


If I try searching for the old matrix IDs it finds a data set that clearly isn’t what the original was [i.e, M0123 is not what it used to be; instead it’s another data set who “inherited” the ID]. Unfortunately I don’t have the study IDs. When I search a matrix, it does indicate its previous [legacy] ID, but so far I haven’t been able to find a way to search for the actual legacy ID.


Is that one of the actual numbers? Maybe it’s possible to go through the web service API but then I’m going to need an actual number.


Like this:


This works perfectly. Many thanks!